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Rim of the Valley Corridor
Special Resource Study

Study Process

A special resource study is prepared when the National Park Service is requested by Congress to study an area for possible inclusion in the national park system. In a special resource study, a proposed addition to the national park system receives a favorable recommendation from the National Park Service only if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • it possesses nationally significant natural or cultural resources;
  • it is a suitable addition to the system;
  • it is a feasible addition to the system; and
  • it requires direct NPS management, instead of alternative protection by other public agencies or the private sector.

Click on the following steps to learn more about the process:

1 Public Start-up of Study Process (Scoping)
2 Resource Analysis: Significance and Suitability
3 Feasibility Analysis
4 Develop Alternatives
5 Analyze Environmental Impacts-- we are here
6 Draft Report
7 Final Report / Transmittal to Congress

Project Schedule:


Table with study timeline

updated 2/27/2015