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Donated by Amber E. Baker, accession 208: Vaneese Allred Barrett, donor’s grandmother. Vaneese was a supervisor of parachute manufacture at the Rocky Mountain Plant of the Reliance Manufacturing Company in Manti, UT between 1943-1946. Size: 7”x5”.


Donated by Bessie L. Vest, accession 211: Bessie, far left, and other coworkers. Bessie worked on the wings of airplanes at the Briggs factory in Detroit, MI for 1 year. Size: 3”x3”.


Donated by Lois E. Maggio, accession 215: Elizabeth May Stettner, left, donor’s mother, and friend at vocational training, 1943. Elizabeth was a metalsmith, riveter, and aircraft repair woman at Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, TX between 1943-1946. Size: 3”x4.5”.


Donated by Freida E. Farrell, accession 221: Mary M.A. Wilson, second from right, second front row, 1944. Mary was a riveter at Dravo Corporation in Pittsburgh, PA between 1944-1945. Size: 7.5”x9”.


Donated by Vicki Russell, accession 233: Bennice Vick Russell, left, and sister-in-law Marjorie Vick, right. Bennice was a burner at Brown Shipyard in Houston, TX between 1943-1945. Size: 7”x5”.


Donated by Barbara Ausman, accession 242: Mary R. Gianoutsos, donor’s mother, at Esso Station. Mary was an overhead welder at American Bridge in Ambridge, PA between 1942-1945, and a gas station attendant at Esso Gas Station between 1943-1945. Size: 4”x2.5”.


Donated by Marie Graziano, accession 259: Marie Gloria Graziano, Lottie Milinski, and Edie Partenfelder (left to right), 1945. Marie worked at a grommet machine making gas masks at I.B. Klienerts Rubber Co. in 1941, and was a riveter at EDO Corporation between 1942-1944. Size: 3”x2”.


Donated by Margaret L. Bartholomew, accession 263: Margaret L. Bartholomew handing message to engineer, 1944. Margaret was a telegraph operator at Northern Pacific Railroad in Olympia and Bucoda, WA between 1944-1945. Size: 4”x2.5”.


Donated by John H. Mayfield, accession 266: Pete Shields, Billye McBridge, donor’s sister, and Donny Phillips (left to right) in Engineering Department 925 at Goodyear Aircraft. Billye worked with airplane engines at Southwest Airways in Thunderbird Field, Glendale, AZ for 1 year, and then she worked soldering wiring and then as a template maker in the engineering department at Goodyear Aircraft in Litchfield Park, AZ for 1 ½ years. Size: 7.5”x9.5”.


Donated by Cheryl L. Gregg, accession 277: Olga M. Davis was a drill press operator at Doehler Die Casting Company for 1 year. Size: 4”x3”.



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