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Donated by Christine Vineyard Schreiber, accession 4: Winnie Vineyard, right, donor’s mother, and R. Lee, left, 1943. Winnie was a burner at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, CA between 1943-1945. Size: 7.5”x4.5”.


Donated by Mary Benda, accession 132: Anna Dobrowski, donor’s sister. Anna was a riveter at Braggs factory in Detroit, MI for 4 years. Size: 3”x4”.


Donated by Eileen Hedden Tench, accession 134: Eileen Tench, left, and Cora Lee Jackson, right. Eileen was a riveter at Goodyear Aircraft in Akron, OH between 1942-1945. Size: 2”x3”.


Donated by Louis Miola, accession 139: Virginia Miola, donor’s mother, climbing up to her crane. Virginia was a crane operator at Watertown Arsenal in Water Town, MA for 2 years. Size: 8”x6”.


Donated by Rosanna Wambach, accession 140: Bernice Palmer, right, unknown to donor, and Eleanor Roosevelt, left. Bernice worked at Packard in Detroit, MI. “Birthday greetings are delivered personally by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt to Bernice Palmer (above), Packard war worker who suggested more production shortcuts than any woman employee. One of them, publicized by a national magazine, brought more than 1700 communications and models, which Mrs. Roosevelt is inspecting here. She visited war worker Palmer Wednesday, her birthday, on a whirlwind tour of the Packard Motor Car Company in connection with her study of women in war industry. She was escorted through the huge war plant by Packard’s Women coordinators, who act as counselors to the more than 9,000 feminine employees helping build Packard marine and Rolls-Royce aircraft engines.” Size: 9”x7”.


Donated by Rosanna Wambach, accession 140: Bernice Palmer, second from left, unknown to donor. Bernice worked at Packard in Detroit, MI. 7.5”x9.5”.


Donated by Diane Stober Nebel, accession 145: Josephine Ann Bakovic Stober holding her daughter, Diane Stober. Josephine managed a gas station while the owner fought in the war between 1943-1945. Size: 5.5”x3”.


Donated by Nevaire G. Richardson, accession 158: Nevaire Gambrell working in the Loft and Template Department, 1944. Nevaire was a draftsman in the Loft and Template Department at Curtiss-Wright Corporation in St. Louis, MO in 1944. Size: 8”x9.5”.


Donated by Delana Jensen Close, accession 169: “Jackie” Kate and Ellen (left to right). Delana was a machinist second class at Yuba Manufacturing in Benicia, CA for 2 years. Size: 4”x2.5”.


Donated by Lillian Lewis Gallagher, accession 173: Lillian Lewis Gallagher in employee exercise area of Arma Corporation. Lillian was a lathe operator/inspector at Arma Corporation in New York, NY between 1942-1943, and a head statistician at Western Electrician in Baltimore, MD between 1943-1944. Size: 5”x3”.



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