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First Amendment - Free Speech Areas

First Amendment (Free Speech)

Individuals and small groups (fewer than 25 people) do not need a permit for First Amendment activities in the Park. All First Amendment (free speech) activities must take place in the designated free speech areas within the park. Individuals and small groups must still follow all permit conditions that apply to other special uses within the park, and must comply with all other park regulations. Groups larger than 25 people must obtain a permit, but are not required to pay an application fee.

The Park's Designation of First Amendment Areas Policy and Map may be viewed through the links below.

For more information, please contact Special Park Uses Coordinator, Cynthia Galieto at (808) 328-2326 x 1220.

Designation of First Amendment Areas (Free Speech Areas)

Designation of First Amendment Areas Map

Did You Know?

coconut tree

Did you know that the coconut tree was an important resource in Hawai'i? It served as a source of food and water, material for building and rope making, and was made into drums. Cutting down the coconut grove of another person's was considered an act of war.