• The Sacred Hale o Keawe Heiau Protects the Pu'uhonua

    Pu`uhonua O Hōnaunau

    National Historical Park Hawai'i


In the tidal ponds, you can still find species of native Hawaiian shrimp crawling on the rocks at the bottom of the pools. Along the shores, you can find nerites clinging to the rocks in the intertidal zones. Endemic damselflies can be seen flying over brackish pools.

Did You Know?

Ka'ahumanu stone

Did you know that according to legend, Queen Ka'ahumanu once swam a great distance to the pu'uhonua after a quarrel with her husband Kamehameha I? She hid under a large stone, but her barking dog gave away where she was hiding. After her husband found her, the two soon made up.