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Hawaii Pacific Parks Association

Hawaii Pacific Parks Association
"Where every purchase benefits the Park"

Books, souvenirs and other educational resources are available from the Hawaii Pacific Parks Association Bookstore, located inside the Park Visitor Center.

Our Bookstore's hours are 7:45am-4:55pm daily.

Telephone: (808) 882-7218 Ext. 1010

Visit the HPPA website www.hawaiipacificparks.org

The purchases you make at a National Park Cooperating Association sales outlet help support interpretive, educational, and visitor service programs at individual parks.

Did You Know?

Hawaiian Flag

The Flag of the Kingdom of Hawai'i was commissioned by Kamehameha the Great in 1816. Prior to that time, the British "Union Jack" was the unofficial flag of Hawai'i. Kamehameha had been given the British flag by Captain George Vancouver to commemorate an important agreement the two had made.