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Interagency Reports and Audits

When Congress established the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program, a reporting system was put in place to monitor the progress and success of this Interagency experiment. Each year, the four agencies - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service - compiled a general overview that included common data collected for each agency. In addition to these Interagency Annual Reports, Congress required an Interim Report on the first four years of this demonstration program.

With the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, a triennial reporting system was established. The first triennial report was completed May 2006.

Audits by the Department of Interior, Office of Inspector General and the General Accounting Office have resulted in overall positive reports. The recommendations continue to be incorporated into the management of the program.

Interagency Reports:

Triennial 2006 Report (1674KB)

FY2003 (2839KB)

FY2002 (3945KB)

FY2001 (226KB)

FY2000 (269KB)

FY1999 (264KB)

FY1998 (180KB)

Interim Report (3583KB)

Audit Reports:

OIG - Fee Demo Program Beneficial, But Could Be More Effective (3474KB)

GAO - 2001 Management Improvements Can Help the Demonstration Program Enhance Visitor Services (1510KB)

GAO - 1999 Demonstration Has Increased Revenues, but Impact on Park Service Backlog Is Uncertain (1489KB)

GAO - 1999 Recreational Fee Demonstration Program Spending Priorities (1111KB)

GAO - 1998 Demonstration Fee Program Successful in Raising Revenues but Could Be Improved (3413KB)