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The NPS is improving fee collection activities. We are modernizing with automated fee machines, sophisticated cash register equipment, swipe card technology and state of the art security equipment. Badlands National Park has solar-powered self-pay machines and Yellowstone developed computer read cards.

The NPS is leading other federal agencies with the development of a Point of Sales System that includes Internet-based deposit and reporting banking system. This electronic system reduces manual handling of data that reduces errors and speeds the deposit and accounting information. This allows the use of handheld technology to speed up service at the entrance stations.

Gathering data is an important component of the Recreation Fee program. Where are our visitors using the passes? Is this use affecting revenues? In 2003 selected parks began gathering data by "swiping" the National Parks Pass when visitors present it at the entrance. This pilot gave the NPS valuable information about where park visitors use the pass, how many times they use it and how many people accompany the card-holder. The new "America the Beautiful" National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass was printed as a plastic card. This will be a more durable pass for the visitor and it will give us a chance to better monitor usage since it can also be "swiped" by a card reader.

As technology advances the NPS intends to continue innovative ways to improve our customer service.