• East view from Crissy Field overlook with old Coast Guard station on left and city on right

    Presidio of San Francisco


Yellow-rumped Warbler

(Dendroica coronata)
Yellow-rumped Warbler
A female Yellow-rumped Warbler near Crissy Field.
Will Elder, NPS

Natural History: The Yellow-rumped Warbler generally feeds on insects and on berries some, particularly in the winter. It breeds in to the north of the Presidio.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, this bird is found in all environments.

Frequency: This is the most common warbler at the Presidio. It is common to abundant in the spring, fall, and winter seasons.

Identifying Characteristics: This bird has a yellow rump, yellow patch on sides and a yellow crown patch. The throat is yellow except in fall. The sides and head tend to be a dark or slate gray and the wings sides are striped.

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Did You Know?

Refugees in line for supplies, 1906

In the three days following the 1906 earthquake, the Army's refugee camps at the Presidio issued 3,000 tents, 12,000 shelter halves, 13,000 ponchos, 58,000 pairs of shoes, and 24,000 regulation blue shirts.