• East view from Crissy Field overlook with old Coast Guard station on left and city on right

    Presidio of San Francisco


Pygmy Nuthatch

(Sitta pygmaea)
Pygmy Nuthatch
A Pygmy Nuthatch takes a bath at El Polin Spring.
Will Elder,NPS

Natural History: The Pygmy Nuthatch feeds on insects, spiders, and pine seeds. It caches it seeds. This species nests in cavities in snags or stumps and breeds from mid-April to mid-August. It tends to guard its territory.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, this bird is found in forests, especially mature stands of conifers. It breeds within the Presidio.

Frequency: This species is abundant all year in the Presidio.

Identifying Characteristics: This species is a small bird with a gray-brown cap and a white spot usually on the back of its neck. It has the tendency to walk upside-down on tree trunks.

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Did You Know?

Fort Point, once called

In 1882, the fort now known as Fort Point was given the name "Fort Winfield Scott", a name it retained for four years before being downgraded to a sub-post of the Presidio. In 1912, the name was reused for the new coast artillery post at the Presidio, today's Fort Scott.