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Hutton's Vireo

(Vireo huttoni)
Hutton's Vireo
A Hutton's Vireo near Inspiration Point.
© Alan Hopkins 2001

Natural History: The Hutton's Vireo eats insects and fruits. It nests in oak and pine woodlands where it builds in the forks of twigs.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, this species can be found in oak and willow areas, and in ornamentals.

Frequency: This species is common throughout the year at the Presidio and it nests here.

Identifying Characteristics: This is a small bird with an olive-gray above with a white ring around its eye and 2 pale bars across its wings. It can be distinguished from the similar Ruby-crowned Kinglet by its larger size, thicker bill, and by the lack of a dark area below the lower wing bar.

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Did You Know?

Refugees in line for supplies, 1906

In the three days following the 1906 earthquake, the Army's refugee camps at the Presidio issued 3,000 tents, 12,000 shelter halves, 13,000 ponchos, 58,000 pairs of shoes, and 24,000 regulation blue shirts.