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  • CAUTION: Post Storm Damage to Coastal Trail

    The Presidio Coastal Trail segment just north of the Pacific Overlook and adjacent to Lincoln Blvd remains CLOSED indefinitely. We have posted signage to alert bicyclists and hikers and with information for safe trail alternatives. More »

Gray Fox

Gray Fox
Gray Fox
Alan Hopkins

Natural History: The Gray Fox is native to the Presidio. Its tendency is to be shy and nocturnal. It feeds on small mammals but also eats large amounts of fruits, nuts, grains, grasshoppers and crickets, beetles, moths and butterflies, carrion, and small amounts of herbage. This species stays away from urban areas and avoids human contact, unlike its relative, the Red Fox, which is an introduced species that will venture into urban areas.

General Distribution: The gray fox is widespread across most of the United States except northern plains and Rockies. It tends to stay in forested areas.

Frequency: The Gray Fox is uncommon in the Presidio.

Identifying Characteristics: The Gray Fox has a gray fur with black tips on its back and tail. It tands to have red fur on its sides and sides of neck. It has a smaller white bib under the throat than the Red Fox.


Did You Know?

Franciscan monk

In 1776, Father Pedro Font wrote, "The port of San Francisco...is a marvel of nature, and might well be called a harbor of harbors...And I think if it could be well settled like Europe there would not be anything more beautiful in all the world."