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Downy Woodpecker

(Picoides pubescens)
Downy woodpecker
A Downy Woodpecker near El Polin Spring.
Will Elder, NPS

Natural History: This species of woodpecker primarily eats insect larvae but also feeds on seeds and berries. It forages on trunks and branches from 9 up to 65 high. It nests and roosts in cavities and is dependent on snags. This species breeds from late March to early September.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, this bird is found in areas of willow, eucalyptus, live oak, and forest snags. It breeds within the Presidio.

Frequency: This species is common all year in the Presidio.

Identifying Characteristics: This bird has a white back and a small bill. The males of the species often have a red coloration on their heads.

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Did You Know?

Grave marker in the Presidio pet cemetery

Though the majority of animals buried in the Presidio pet cemetery are dogs and cats, there are also parakeets, canaries, pigeons, macaws, rabbits, hamsters, rats, lizards, goldfish, and mice.