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    Presidio of San Francisco


Arboreal Salamander

Arboreal Salamander
An Arboreal Salamander in the Main Post area of the Presidio.
Will Elder, NPs

Natural History: This amphibian is found primarily in moist areas near permanent water. It is active nocturnally. As the environment dries during the summer months, it retreats to moist areas.

General Distribution: The arboreal salamander is found in annual grasslands, coastal scrub, and forested areas.

Frequency: This animal is uncommon within the Presidio.

Identifying Characteristics: This species appears as a plain brown with yellow spots and white below and a triangular head. Its toe tips are squarish and its tail is often coiled when at rest

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Did You Know?

Refugees in line for supplies, 1906

In the three days following the 1906 earthquake, the Army's refugee camps at the Presidio issued 3,000 tents, 12,000 shelter halves, 13,000 ponchos, 58,000 pairs of shoes, and 24,000 regulation blue shirts.