• East view from Crissy Field overlook with old Coast Guard station on left and city on right

    Presidio of San Francisco


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  • CAUTION: Post Storm Damage to Coastal Trail

    The Presidio Coastal Trail segment just north of the Pacific Overlook and adjacent to Lincoln Blvd remains CLOSED indefinitely. We have posted signage to alert bicyclists and hikers and with information for safe trail alternatives. More »


Reptiles and amphibians are largely the unseen wildlife of the Presidio. Most species in these groups are uncommon or rare in the Presidio. Amphibians are most commonly found in riparian habitats or near ponds. The list below includes species that have been reported here in the past 15 years.

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Common Name Scientific Name Group

Arboreal Salamander

Aneides lugubris


California Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps attenuatus


Yellow-eyed Salamander

Ensatina eschscholtzi xanthoptica


Coast Range Newt

Taricha torosa torosa


California Toad

Bufo boreas halophilus



Rana catesbeiana


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Did You Know?

Refugees in line for supplies, 1906

In the three days following the 1906 earthquake, the Army's refugee camps at the Presidio issued 3,000 tents, 12,000 shelter halves, 13,000 ponchos, 58,000 pairs of shoes, and 24,000 regulation blue shirts.