San Francisco Owls Clover

(Triphysaria floribunda)

Presidio of San Francisco
San Francisco Owl's Clover

San Francisco Owl's Clover at Fort Scott.

Will Elder, NPS

Origin Of Genus Name: Triphysaria is Greek for "3 bladders" and refers to lower lip pouches on the flower.

Presidio Locations: Found on the serpentine coastal prairie. In the Presidio, two populations are known to exist.

Range In State: Central California coast and San Francisco Bay Area.

Description: This rare and endangered, native annual species has small, tube-like, cream to white flowers with inflated lower lips with 3 prominent sacs arranged in compact, dense clusters. Leaves are deeply divided into 5 to 9 linear lobes on stems 4 to 12 inches high. Blooms April to May.

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