Lesser Goldfinch

(Carduelis psaltria)
Lesser Goldfinch

Male (front) and female Lesser Goldfinches eat willowherb seeds in Thompson Reach restoration area.

Will Elder, NPS


Natural History: The Lesser Goldfinch eats seeds and insects. It takes cover in trees and shrubs. This bird likes to be near water.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, this species can be found in areas of coastal and dune scrub; oak, eucalyptus, and willow forests; lawns and around ornamentals.

Frequency: This species is common in the spring and summer, uncommon in the fall and winter. It nests in the Presidio.

Identifying Characteristics: The males of this bird are small in size with yellow chest and underside and black wings, back, tail, and top of head. The females are a dull yellow-olive color with black wings and wingbars; they differ from the American Goldfinch female in having white undertail coverts.

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