Hutton's Vireo

(Vireo huttoni)
Hutton's Vireo

A Hutton's Vireo near Inspiration Point.

© Alan Hopkins 2001


Natural History: The Hutton's Vireo eats insects and fruits. It nests in oak and pine woodlands where it builds in the forks of twigs.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, this species can be found in oak and willow areas, and in ornamentals.

Frequency: This species is common throughout the year at the Presidio and it nests here.

Identifying Characteristics: This is a small bird with an olive-gray above with a white ring around its eye and 2 pale bars across its wings. It can be distinguished from the similar Ruby-crowned Kinglet by its larger size, thicker bill, and by the lack of a dark area below the lower wing bar.

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