Golden-crowned Sparrow

(Zonotrichia atricapilla)
Golden-crowned Sparrow

A Golden-crowned Sparrow sits in blackberry bushes in Tennessee Hollow.

Will Elder, NPS


Natural History: The Golden-crowned Sparrow eats plant foods, foraging on the ground. It seeks cover in shrubs and nests on the ground adjacent to its cover. This species breeds in Canada during the summer and forms mixed flocks.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, this species can be found in annual grasslands, coastal and dune scrub areas, all forested areas, on lawns, and amongst ornamentals.

Frequency: This species is common in the spring and fall and abundant during the winter.

Identifying Characteristics: The Golden-crowned Sparrow can be identified by its golden crown patch bordered by dark brown to black streaks and a plain gray to buff breast.

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