Dark-eyed Junco

(Junco Hyemalis)
Dark-eyed Junco

This Dark-eyed Junco has just taken a bath at El Polin Spring.

Will Elder, NPS


Natural History: The Dark-eyed Junco eats small arthropods, seeds, and fruit. It uses a mosiac of forests and open areas. This species nests usually on the ground near cover and breeds from April to August.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, the Dark-eyed Junco can be found in annual grasslands, coastal and dune scrub, in all forest areas, on lawns, and in ornamentals. It breeds within the Presidio.

Frequency: This species is common in the spring and summer and abundant during the fall and winter.

Identifying Characteristics: The Dark-eyed Junco has gray sides and back. Its tail is bordered with white.

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