Coast Garter Snake

Coast Garter Snake

A Coast Garter Snake similar to what may occur at the Presidio.

Courtesy of, © G. Nafis


Natural History: This snake tends to be found near bodies of water where it is active during the day and frequently basks in sunny spots. Courtship occurs in the spring. The young are born in July and August.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, this species is mostly found in ponds, streams, springs, marshes, annual and serpentine grasslands, coastal and and dune scrub areas, and forests.

Frequency: This species may possibly occur in the Presidio. It has not been sighted in recent years.

Identifying Characteristics: This snake can be identified by its bright yellow dorsal stripe and reddish orange lateral stripes. The dorsal sides between the stripes are patterned reddish-orange with dark spots.

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