Brewer's Blackbird

(Euphagus cyanocephalus)
Brewer's Blackbird

A male Brewer's Blackbird on a willow in Thompson's Reach restoration area.

Will Elder, NPS


Natural History: This species of blackbird feeds on insects and other invertebrates, as well as seeds and grains. It often takes cover in dense foliage, but also is seen resting on telephone poles and lines. Nests are built in dense foliage, on the ground, or in emergent vegetation in a variety of habitats. Breeding season runs from March to August.

General Distribution: In the Presidio, this species is found in areas of upland sand, annual grasslands, all forested areas, and all developed areas. It breeds within the Presidio.

Frequency: This species is abundant throughout the year.

Identifying Characteristics: Males are iridescent black with yellow eyes and a purplish head. Females tend to be grayish with dark eyes.

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