(Dichelostemma capitatum ssp. capitatum)
Bluedicks wildflower

Bluedicks in grasslands near Fort Scott.

Will Elder, NPS


Origin Of Genus Name: Dichelostemma is a Greek reference to appendages on the stamens, the male part of the flower. Capitatum refers to flowers forming a cap at the top of the stalk.

Presidio Locations: Found in serpentine grassland, coastal prairie, and dune scrub.

Range In State: Throughout California

Description: This native, perennial species of the Lily Family has two or three grass-like leaves up to 16 inches long and a single flower stalk which can reach 2 feet. Often the two to fifteen tightly packed flowers that form the head are pale lavender to dark purple. Blooms March to May.

Native Californian Uses: The Miwok ate the bulbs, an important starch source, steaming them in an earth oven.

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