Spanish Artillery: Birgen de Barbaneda

Birgen de Barbaneda

The "Birgen de Barbaneda"

National Park Service, GGNRA


Cast in Lima, Peru in 1693, the Birgen de Barbaneda bears the coat of arms of Don Melchor Puertocarrero Laso de la Vega, 27th Viceroy of Peru. In 1793, the cannon was brought to the Castillo de San Joaquin to fortify the San Francisco Bay. It reamained in service until 1846, when it was "spiked" (rendered inoperable) by Fremont's men during the Bear Flag Revolt. Later that year, Captain John B. Montgomery of the U.S.S. Portsmouth successfully re-vented the cannon to restore its firing capabilities.

The Birgen de Barbaneda is located near the flag pole in Pershing Square.


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