• East view from Crissy Field overlook with old Coast Guard station on left and city on right

    Presidio of San Francisco


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  • CAUTION: Post Storm Damage to Coastal Trail

    The Presidio Coastal Trail segment just north of the Pacific Overlook and adjacent to Lincoln Blvd remains CLOSED indefinitely. We have posted signage to alert bicyclists and hikers and with information for safe trail alternatives. More »

Civilian Contributor List


Note: Dates in the parenthesis can be used to find the contributor’s entry in the memories page links below, which are listed by years.

Marilyn Allan: mhallan@comcast.net (1942-46)
Kathleen Allen: (1951-56)
Duke Becker: db4birds@aol.com (1962-64)
Sharon Lee (Nelson) Becker: db4birds@aol.com (1962-64)
M. Brazeau: 4gds445@astound.net (1957-63)
Renata Bridges: Nadaney@yahoo.com (1975-78)
Bob Brown: bbrown78@earthlink.net (1958-67)
Dan Clavin: dan_clavin@yahoo.com (1969-72)
creedjema@hotmailcom (1997-99)
G.M. Dan Deitrick: eddeit@cape.com (1926-30)
Bruce Corley Jr.: bjcorley@adelphia.net (1953-54)
Kim Curtis: kdc1love@comcast.net (1972-73)
Dana: queenie_911@hotmail.com (1984-92)
Carolyn Longshore Duncan: cldwow@adelphia.net (1955, 60-67)
Bob Eastin: bobeastin@hotmail.com (1956-61)
Bahra Anne Eddy (Morgan): eddyfam5@sbcglobal.net (1960-64)
Rose Eley: shirleyrose@live.com (1968)
Lynn Davis Evans (1957-60)
Michelle Evangelista: michevangelista@hotmail.com (1979)
Betsy Everhart Melton: bmelt53@yahool.com (1974-77)
James Calvin Farmer II: jcdeuce@hotmail.com (1973-75)
Jean Carrie Fisher (1953-55)
Richard Frisbie: (1918-1930)
Cathy Geddis: clgeddis@comcast.net (1960-63)
Ellen Crosby Greene: ellenrc@yahoo.com (1984-85)
Paul Haroldsen: grneydlady17@msn.com (1957-59)
John Hasie: docmanchu@hotmail.com (1954-60)
Heather Jo Heneman: lotophage@earthlink.net (1968-70)
Joseph Hensley: justjoel45@yahoo.com (1968-70)
Jack Hershel: dpresidio@aol.com (1991-92)
Laurie Oberhouse Housholder: rlh@wcnet.org (1944)
Carolyne Jackson: carolynesjackson@bellsouth.net (1987-93)
Delmy Jaghab: ddjaghab@comcast.net (1994-96)
Chris Jesseman: cjesseman@crowndev.com (1952-56)
Karen Knight: kknight1964@yahoo.com (1986-90)
Peg Lawson: lawsonjpmj@juno.com (1997-2000)
Bud Legg: Weighit@verizon.net (1943-45)
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Richard Lindsey: RichMac1955@Yahoo.com (1957-96)
Terence Looney: megaterang@msn.com (1962-64).
Lorraine Madden: lawakefield@comcast.net (1967-70)
Chuck Mallary: cmallary37@comcast.net (1947-54)
Jim Meyer: jimsothermailbox@yahoo.com (1970-78)
Glenn Michaels: glennmichaels@hotmail.com (1962-73)
Gayle Milne (Spoon): karpowsky2002@yahoo.com (1969)
Ellen Fee Morrison: Rockinjerel@netscape.com (1969)
James Parks: mikesdiamond@hotmail.com (1969-72)
David Nelson: dcnelson0381@hotmail.com (1962-66)
Rosemary Nelson Jepson:JAJRNJ@Comcast.net(1966)
James Bond Perleth:Jamesperlith@yahoo.com ( 1992)
Carol Putman: carolputman@earthlink.net (1943)
José Ramos: bornforaa@yahoo.com (2006)
Julie Ryan: jryan61@yahoo.com (1981)
Bede Ryan: bedehockeymom@aol.com (1991-93)
Phillip D. Saam: philsaam@sbcglobal.net (1991)
Linda (Dill) Sahl: ldillsa@aol.com (1970-71)
Andrew Skeehan (1960-64)
Kasandra Smith: imperial@lanset.com (1970-75)
Steven Smith: sgtstsmith@ssctv.net (1959-66)
Ken Sproul: sproolay@earthlink.net (1945-55)
Kelly Viray: kaviray1980@yahoo.com (1969-75)
Will: wajari24@hotmail.com (1985-88)
Linda Wright: wrightla@slingshot.co.nz (1961)

Did You Know?

Crissy Field around 1940

During 1941 and 1942, Japanese-American language specialists were trained at the Military Intelligence Service Language School at Crissy Field.