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    National Seashore California

Volunteer: Habitat Restoration - Weed Watchers

As a Weed Watcher you will learn to identify invasive plants of the region, and how to map and report your findings. Volunteers will be trained in progressively more complex weed identification and data collection. Deepen your understanding of the natural world while playing an important role in the protection of the unique resources at the park.


  • Participate in invasive plant identification and data collection training
  • Assist park staff in trail and roadside invasive plant monitoring and mapping
  • Follow guidelines in making safety a priority; responsible for use of personal protective gear and insuring that all tools, equipment, vehicles and other co-workers are working safely in all related conditions
  • Ability to follow instructions from all park staff, understand and respect all park regulations and policies

Knowledge/Skills/Experience Desired

  • Knowledge of San Francisco Bay region flora, and/or willingness to learn
  • Knowledge of Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and/or willingness to learn
  • The ability to work with a diverse community of people alongside with park personnel
  • Desire and ability to work outdoors, at times in inclement weather and terrain as well as sometimes exert strenuous physical activity while walking

Special Requirements of the Position
Volunteers need to provide personal hiking gear, sunscreen, and water.

Schedule and Time Commitment
Minimum 4 month commitment, including at least one hike per month, from March-October.

Volunteers are strongly recommended to attend a training (offered monthly) in general botany, invasive species, and Global Positioning System (GPS) units and their use in conservation and resource management.

Benefits to the Volunteer

  • Valuable training in general botany, invasive species, and Global Positioning System (GPS) units and their use in conservation and resource management.
  • Opportunities to enjoy the scenery, wildlife and cultural resources of this spectacular park.
  • Become a stewardship leader in your community.

Minimum Age
16 years old

Accommodations and Reimbursements
Housing and RV sites are not available.

Application and Contact Information
Please apply under the Current Opportunities listing. For more information, contact Eric Wrubel at 415-289-1849 or by email.

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