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  • Multiple Days: Annually, Every 12th of July from 7/12/2000 to 7/12/2015

    RCA Radio Operator at Historic Coast Station KPH
    Location: Historic RCA Coast Station KPH | Map Time: 3:00 PM to 11:45 PM Fee Information: Free Contact Name: Richard Dillman Contact Email: ddillman@igc.org Contact Phone Number: 415-663-8982

In the annual "Night of Nights", historic Morse code radio station KPH returns to the air in commemoration of the closing of commercial Morse operation in the USA.

Frequency and reception report information for all stations appear at http://www.radiomarine.org/.

KPH, the ex-RCA coast station located north of San Francisco, returns to the air for commemorative broadcasts on July 12 at 5:01 pm PDT (13 July at 0001 GMT). On July 12, 1999, the last commercial Morse transmission in the US. was believed to have been broadcast at 5 pm PDT (13 July at 0000 GMT). Now the Maritime Radio Historical Society`s own KSM carries on the tradition of commercial Morse. Transmissions are expected to continue until at least midnight PDT (0700 GMT).

Members of the public are invited to visit the receiving station for this event. The station is open to visitors beginning at 3 pm. The station is located at 17400 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and is on the route to the Point Reyes lighthouse. Watch for a cypress lined driveway on the right about a mile past the entry to Coast Guard station NMC.
Directions to Bear Valley Visitor Center
Directions from Bear Valley Visitor Center to Historic RCA Coast Station KPH

Night of Nights is an annual event held on July 12 by the Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS) to commemorate the history of maritime radio and the closing of commercial Morse operations in the USA. These on-the-air events are intended to honor the men and women who followed the radiotelegraph trade on ships and at coast stations around the world and made it one of honor and skill.

Further information may be found on the Maritime Radio Historical Society website at http://www.radiomarine.org/ or by contacting Richard Dillman at +1 415-663-8982 or by email.

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