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2013 32nd Annual Sand Sculpture Contest

2013 Sand Sculpture Contest: Adult/Family Group 1st Place Winner: Entry #12: King Darius, by Falipa Simpson and Lila Scott
2013 Sand Sculpture Contest 1st Place Winner: Adult/Family Group Entry #12: King Darius, by Falipa Simpson and Lila Scott

The 32nd Annual Sand Sculpture Contest at Drakes Beach was once again well attended with 63 sculptures entered. Thousands of participants and observers showed up to enjoy an overcast, yet pleasant, day at the beach.

If you notice any errors in the names of sculptures or artists, or if you have digital images of the missing photos listed below, please contact us.



2013 Sand Sculpture Award Results

HM = Honorable Mention
PC = People's Choice Awards
RP = Best Use Of Recycled Plastic
MJ = Maggie Johnston Award for Creative Excellence

Children’s Group Category
Award Sculpture Contestants
1st King Darius Falipa Simpson and Lila Scott
2nd The King's Boo-Boo Kane family
3rd Rim Fire Delaware Street
HM Lalibella Chris Labonte
HM Sand Dollar Slots Csilla Kato
HM Big Fish Gutierrez family
PC Bear on the Beach Kingdon family
RP Recycle, I Can David Brown family
MJ Live Shakin Twomey family

Adult's Individual
Award Sculpture Contestants
1st Octopi Myron Miller
2nd Sun Bathers Ronnie Sharpe

Children's Individual
Award Sculpture Contestants
1st Memory in the Sand Yasmeen
2nd R2-D2 Sam
3rd Spider Daniel
HM A Pod of Dolphins Amelia

Children's Group
Award Sculpture Contestants
1st Fluffy Nicki and Friends
2nd Turtle Beach The Battles
3rd Sandy The Cat Hannah and Friends
HM The Golden State Sammie

Missing Photos:

  • Adult/Family Group Entry #02: Mermaids Life, by the Talamantez family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #03: Jurassic Lark, by the Norton, Stewart Smith family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #04: Lalibella, by the Chris LaBonte
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #08: Castle, by Rachel Penn
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #11: Study #1, by the Jackson family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #14: Rocket Moon, by the Minor Torres family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #21: Sand Angels, by Tovina Biles
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #22: Fish, by Selina Wintersteen
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #23: Castle, by Rebecca McIntosh
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #26: Star of the Beach, by Barnes family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #28: Big Fish, by Gutierrez family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #29: Birthday, by the Nabrynski family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #30: Study #2, by the Jackson family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #33: Sand Abstract, by the Hadar family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #34: Live Shakin, by the Twomey family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #35: Octopy, by Jennie Jackson
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #37: Sand tree World, by the Bland family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #40: Peanut Butter & Jelly Fish, by the Schilder family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #41: Castle Complex, by Sita family
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #42: The School!, by Papermill Creek
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #43: California, by the Errecort family
  • Adult's Individual Entry #03: Moby Dick by Rick, by Richard Garnica
  • Children's Group Entry #05: Charlotte's Web, by Opal and Max
  • Children's Group Entry #10: Life, by Lucy and Julia
  • Children’s Individual Entry #01: R2-D2, by Sam
  • Children’s Individual Entry #04: Drakes Dragon, by Gabriel
  • Children's Individual Entry #06: Marcilla, by Priscilla

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