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    From March 1 through June 30, the park implements closures of certain Tomales Bay beaches and Drakes Estero to water-based recreation to protect harbor seals during the pupping season. Please avoid disturbing seals to ensure a successful pupping season. More »

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2011 30th Annual Sand Sculpture Contest

2011 Sand Sculpture Contest: Adult/Family Group Entry #30: Mermaid, by Nancy Haecker. Winner of the People's Choice Award
Winner of the 2011 People's Choice Award: Adult/Family Group Entry #30: Mermaid, by Nancy Haecker.

The 30th Annual Sand Sculpture Contest at Drakes Beach was once again well attended with a 61 sculptures entered. Thousands of participants and observers showed up to enjoy an overcast, mild day at the beach.

If you notice any errors in sculpture or artist names, or if you have digital images of the missing photos listed below, please contact us.


Missing and Unidentified Photos

Unfortunately, we didn't get photographs of all of the sculptures, and not all of the contestants provided us with the names of their sculptures. If you have a photo of any of the sand sculptures listed below, if you know the identity of any of the Unidentified Sculptures, or if you have a photo of "Octomom" with the children located at the end of each tentacle, please contact us. Thank you.

Missing Photos:

  • Adult/Family Group Entry #22: Starry the Starfish, by Lisa Ott
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #24: untitled sculpture, by Trevor Bacon
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #28: Greek Tragedy, by Brad & Jennie Jackson
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #43: Ganesh, by Amit Gangwar
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #47: Mr. Sun, by Lisa Davis
  • Children's Group Entry #03: Seal Rock City, by Nicki and Kennedy
  • Children's Group Entry #05: Kingdom, by George and Nathan
  • Children's Group Entry #07: Lady Bug, by Julia and Bob

Unidentify Sculptures

  • Adult/Family Group Entry #24, by Trevor Bacon
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #38, by Lindsay Roader
  • Adult/Family Group Entry #41, by Peter Schofield

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2011 Sand Sculpture Award Results

HM = Honorable Mention
PC = People's Choice Awards
RP = Best Use Of Recycled Plastic
MJ = Maggie Johnston Award for Creative Excellence

Adult/Family Group Category
Award Sculpture Contestants
1st Octomom The Errecart Family
2nd SanDream Bill Dwan
3rd Otter Chaos The Kingdon Family
HM Sandman The Kane Family
HM Big Day at the Beach Kerhsaw/Paulos/Hilton
HM King canutes castle Storek/Wentner
PC Mermaid Nancy Haecker
RP Party Toad The Magner Family
MJ Dam It Len Garriott

Children Single
Award Sculpture Contestants
1st Glee School Julia
2nd My Colorful Rainbow Kailee
3rd We Will Never Forget Logan

Children Group
Award Sculpture Contestants
1st Stegosaurus The Garnica Crestelo Family
2nd Lady Bug Julia and Bob
3rd Shark Attack The Smith Family
HM Octopus Garden Jake

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Did You Know?

White Shark. © Scot Anderson

Although white sharks are amongst the most massive and mobile predators in the world, recent research indicates that the white sharks found in the waters off of California are genetically distinct and follow a strict and isolating migration path between California and the Hawaii region. More...