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Giacomini Wetland Restoration Project: Technical Evaluation of Potential Public Access Alignments

The National Park Service (NPS) evaluated a range of possible restoration alternatives for the proposed wetlands restoration project at the Giacomini Ranch in Marin County, California. The Giacomini Ranch is located in the southern portion of the Tomales Bay watershed. The potential for incorporating public access within the Project Area is an important issue that was raised during the project scoping. During scoping, several potential public access concepts or alignments were proposed either by members of the public, the NPS, or by other local agencies such as the County of Marin. The intent of this study is to inform the public and the NPS on potential resource impacts associated with these alignments, so that fully informed decisions can be made on options for future planning studies.

These documents have been divided into smaller-sized files so that visitors with slower internet connections have the option of downloading desired chapters and/or figures separately if they do not wish to download the complete document as a single large file.

Technical Evaluation of Potential Public Access Alignments for the Giacomini Wetland Restoration Project - Part I: Resources Study (Complete Document) (1,349 KB PDF)

Text of Document only (259 kb PDF)
Figure 1: Project Location and Study Area (p. 4) (499 kb PDF)
Figure 2: Potential Public Access Alignments (p. 18) (605 kb PDF)

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Technical Evaluation of Potential Public Access Alignments for the Giacomini Wetland Restoration Project - Part II: Technical Feasibility Study (Complete Document) (8,971 KB PDF)

Title page (127 kb PDF)
Table of Contents (pp. 1-2) (125 kb PDF)
Chapter 1: Introduction (pp. 3 - 8) (281 kb PDF)
Chapter 2: Study Methods (pp. 9 - 18) (411 kb PDF)
Chapter 3: Study Results (pp. 19 - 65 including figures 3 to 14) (8,219 kb PDF)
Chapter 3: Study Results (pp. 19 - 65 without figures 3 to 14) (1,126 kb PDF)

Figure 3: Typical Condition/Treatment Cross-Sections (p. 25) (2,202 kb PDF)
Figure 4: Plan - Trail Alignment 1a (p. 29) (532 kb PDF)
Figure 5: Alignment 1a: Prefabricated Bridge (p. 30) (197 kb PDF)
Figure 6: Alignment 1a: Typical Boardwalk and Elevation (p. 31) (181 kb PDF)
Figure 7: Alignment 2c (p. 35) (1,054 kb PDF)
Figure 8: Alignment 2c Slope/Boardwalk Cross-Section (p. 36) (161 kb PDF)
Figure 9: Alignment 4a, East (p. 43) (919 kb PDF)
Figure 10: 200' Steel Bridge Section/Elevation (p. 44) (182 kb PDF)
Figure 11: Alignment 4a, West (p. 46) (901 kb PDF)
Figure 12: Alignment 4c (p. 54) (918 kb PDF)
Figure 13: Alignment 4d/4e (p. 60) (655 kb PDF)
Figure 14: Green Bridge Cross-Section (p. 61) (150 kb PDF)

Chapter 4: Conclusions (pp. 66 - 69) (545 kb PDF)
Chapter 5: Background Documents (p. 70) (146 kb PDF)
Appendix A: Construction Cost Estimate (pp. A1 - A10) (355 kb PDF)
Appendix B: Estimate of Construction Area Impacts (pp. B1 - B5) (258 kb PDF)

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