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Giacomini Wetland Restoration Project: Final Environmental Impact Statement / Environmental Impact Report (2007): Volume II - Response to Comments

Complete Document (28,548 KB PDF)

This document has been divided into smaller-sized files so that visitors with slower internet connections have the option of downloading desired chapters and/or figures separately if they do not wish to download the complete document as a single large file.

Section 1: Response to Comments (pp. V2-1 - V2-38) (764 KB PDF)
Section 2: Directory of Responses to Comments (pp. V2-39 - V2-46) (70 KB PDF)
Section 3: Original Comments (27,702 KB PDF)

Individual Comments from individuals with last names starting with the letter(s):
A (1,702 KB PDF)
B (2,142 KB PDF)
C to D (1,661 KB PDF)
E to F (2,539 KB PDF)
G to I (1,710 KB PDF)
J to K (1,274 KB PDF)
L (1,970 KB PDF)
M (1,946 KB PDF)
N to R (1,725 KB PDF)
S (2,854 KB PDF)
T to Z (2,496 KB PDF)
Anonymous (233 KB PDF)

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