Wildland-Urban Interface

The Wildland-Urban Interface along the park's border.

The wildland-urban interface is where natural areas border human communities.

This wildland-urban interface has become a major focus for fire management. Hazardous fuels reduction to reduce wildland fire hazards, and education about fire safety and fire ecology are high priorities. Fuels reduction and fire education are aimed at reversing trends of increased losses of homes, human-caused ignitions, and damage to natural and cultural resources.

The Wildland-Urban Interface Initiative (WUII) was authorized by Congress in 2001 in conjunction with the National Fire Plan. It provides funding to reduce hazardous fuels on federal lands and assist communities with wildland fire protection. Community partnerships with land management agencies are emphasized in this initiative. WUII funding is allocated through both the Department of the Interior and the Department of Agriculture.

The National Park Service has formed a cooperative agreement with FIRESafe MARIN, to identify and fund community wildfire protection projects in developed areas bordering Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate NRA.

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