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    Potomac Heritage

    National Scenic Trail DC,MD,PA,VA


The Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail is a growing network of trails between the mouth of the Potomac River and the Allegheny Highlands. The "Our Partners" section of this site provides links to the Web sites of agencies and organizations that manage segments of the Trail network.

View or download reports on Potomac Heritage NST Office activities and notable projects as well as some highlights of Trail-related activities by Trail management partners.

Activities report FY 2013 (1 Oct. 2012 - 30 Sept. 2013)

Activities report FY 2012 (1 Oct. 2011 - 30 Sept. 2012)

Route Marking and Graphic Identity (6MB): Click here for a Powerpoint presentation developed for the 2012 Potomac Heritage NST Roundtable.

Did You Know?

American beaver

By the 1900s, beavers were entirely extirpated from Virginia and were difficult to find across the entire lower 48 states due to over-consumption by humans. In 1950, the Boy Scouts reintroduced 5 beavers into Prince William Forest Park. Today there are more than 80 beavers in the 15,000 acre park.