• Paddling on the Potomac River

    Potomac Heritage

    National Scenic Trail DC,MD,PA,VA

Nature & Science

waterfall in Great Allegheny Passage

waterfall along the Great Allegheny Passage

The Trail network provides access to many unique ecosystems within five distinct geographic regions. Below are links to some documents to help you explore these special places. To recommend additions, please click on "Contact Us."

Explore Four National Natural Landmarks

Paleontology of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail (Loughney, 2012; PDF 2.3 MB)

Potomac Gorge Field Guide

Virginia's Tidewater Potomac Field Guide

Did You Know?

Canal mules in 2004

A mule is a hybrid animal, a mix of a female horse (a mare) and a male donkey (a jack). Remember, "M" for mom, "M" for mare and "D" for dad, "D" for donkey. Switching the parents will produce a hinny. The mule is the superior work animal, preferred by canal boat captains on the C&O Canal.