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This page has useful links and resources for additional information and web sites about the Pony Express National Historic Trail. It includes contact information for managed trail sites, a bibliography of suggested reading materials, and travel and tourism links to various states that the trail passes through.
Other Federal Agencies
State Historic Sites and Organizations

  • Hollenberg Station State Historic Site
    In addition to living quarters for the Hollenberg family, the building served as a neighborhood grocery store, a tavern, and an unofficial post-office. Emigrants were able to obtain provisions at the ranch. Three years later, it became a Pony Express home station and later a stage station.
  • Rock Creek Station State Historic Park
    This road ranch catered to stages, freight lines, and emigrant traffic on the Oregon Trail. It was also a stage station and swing station on the Pony Express. It has an interpretive center, picnic and playground areas, hiking and nature trails, and Oregon Trail ruts and modern campground.
  • Fort Kearny State Historic Park
    Fort Kearney was the first military post along the Oregon Trail and there was a Pony Express Station in the vicinity. It has a museum, outdoor exhibits, and bookstore.
Private Museums and Cooperating Associations
  • Pony Express National Museum
    This was the starting point for the Pony Express route. It has a museum, trail information, books, brochures, a list of stations and riders and a driving route close to the trail.
  • Patee House Museum
    Patee House Museum has reconstructed offices of Russell, Majors, and Waddell. It has information on the trail and station locations, museum store, books, and videos.
  • Marysville Pony Express Barn has a museum-Pony Express Home Station #1. It is a small research library specializing in Pony Express history. Write:
    Marysville Pony Express Barn
    106 S. 8th
    Marysville, KS 66508
  • Fort Sedgewick Depot Museum was the site of a pony express station and Fort Sedgewick, which has exhibits and information on the Pony Express and South Platte River Trail.
    Fort Sedgewick Depot Museum
    P.O. Box 69
    Julesburg, CO 80737
  • National Pony Express Association
    NPEA is an all-volunteer, non-profit historical group organized for the purpose of identifying, re-establishing, and marking the original pony express trail through the eight states it served: California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.
Books and Publications
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Did You Know?

Hollenberg Station near Marysville, Kansas

Hollenberg Station served as the last Pony Express stop in Kansas as riders traveled west to Sacramento during the 19 month period between April 1860 and November 1861. More...