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Park Management

Challenge Cost Share Program and Forms

The purpose of the Challenge Cost Share Program (CCSP) is intended to increase participation by qualified partners in the preservation and improvement of National Park Service natural, cultural, and recreational resources; in all authorized Service programs and activities; and on national trails. NPS and partners should work together on projects with mutually beneficial, shared outcomes.

The CCSP is a matching fund program. An equal amount of eligible and matching share (minimum 50%) of cash, goods, or services from non-federal sources is required. The maximum CCSP award is $20,000. Projects selected should generally be able to be completed within one year.

For additional information about this program and the application process, please follow this link to the Challenge Cost Share Program Application and Forms.

Certifying a National Historic Trail Site

National Historic Trails cross thousands of miles of public and private lands. Along those miles are physical traces of trail history, such as wagon ruts, graves, inscriptions, and campsites - places that tell about that history, such as museums and visitor interpretive centers. Many such traces and places are found on state lands, in nature preserves, in city parks, on private ranches, and even in suburban back yards.

These important pieces of trail history can be publicly commemorated and protected through the National Park Service (NPS) site certification program.

As the owner or manager of a certified trail site, segment, museum, or interpretive center located near a congressionally designated National Historic Trail, you can request guidance from NPS experts in many specialities. In addition, all trails partners may apply for Challenge Cost Share Program matching funds to help protect a trail property, make it accessible, research its history, or tell its story.

The Acrobat Reader PDF document - How to Certify Your National Historic Trail Property - further explains the program and the process for site certification.

Our Mission
We collaborate with partners to provide leadership and coordination in the planning, protection, development, and interpretation of our national historic trails and Route 66 for public use and benefit.

Did You Know?

Simpson Springs Pony Express Station in the Utah west desert.

Pony Express riders and Overland Stage passengers found a good source of water at Simpson Springs Station as they crossed the west desert of Utah. More...