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Species Request instructions

Please use an excel file to send this information to Megan Haidet ( A blank excel file can be downloaded here (right button click and select Save Link As... or Save Target As...). If you need a better, printable copy of the Omernik Level III Ecoregions, a PDF map with descriptions of each ecoregion is available here.

    1. Collector - use BLM office code such as OR010 for Lakeview, OR, or CA067 for El Centro, California or other code for outside of non-BLM collectors (LBJWFC, BMP, etc.)
    2. Family - according to Kartesz taxonomy
    3. Genus - according to Kartesz taxonomy
    4. Species - according to Kartesz taxonomy
    5. Extra - ssp. or var. according to Kartesz taxonomy, use these as often as possible
    6. PLANTS Code - the NRCS PLANTS database code (
    7. Common Name - many are Kartez, but any will do
    8. Ecoregion - use the ecoregions as identified by Omernik Level III Ecoregions (See the map and list here.)

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Last Updated: 08-Sep-2010