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3. Target Species

Initially, collections sent to the Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew included only one collection per species.  These species were on the “Kew list.”  Today, the collection focus of the SOS program is on species needed for restoration and rehabilitation projects, also called the “restoration list.”  Species from both lists may be collected as long as they contribute to SOS programmatic goals.  Teams may make multiple collections of species on their restoration target list as long as they are capturing unique populations in each collection. 

Collecting teams are encouraged to work with local federal land managers to develop and execute priority target lists.  Projects using SOS seed may include emergency fire rehabilitation and restoration, waterway stabilization, landfill and corporate land recovery, wildlife habitat, threatened and endangered species habitat, and roadside revegetation.  Thus we collect primarily common native workhorse species appropriate for restoration and stabilization.

In addition, BLM is continually identifying species of priority restoration value needed for native plant materials development.  Teams collecting for BLM should work with their BLM colleagues to ensure that collections are being made of these high priority species.

Today with a goal of making 20 collections across the range of a species, researchers need to develop seed transfer zones for restoration species.  Each team should be working from a regional restoration target list.  Regional restoration target lists should be compiled by federal land managers, native plant materials development and conservation researchers, and any other native plant stakeholders.

Target species lists should be developed at the ecoregional level by SOS partners and the National Coordination Office.  SOS currently uses Omernik Level III Ecoregions for seed collections’ ecoregional distinction.

Seeds of Success manages target species information on a website hosted by the Plant Conservation Alliance (PCA) at  Ecoregional lists of species using Omernik Level III Ecoregions are accessible on the web to assist collectors in choosing target species.  Information on target species that were assigned to collecting groups for the MSB project are also available on the web.  These targeting lists track which SOS collecting groups are making restoration collections for the different species.

All collectors should coordinate with the SOS National Coordinating Office to develop regional restoration target lists.  This is best done via e-mail to the National Coordinating Office.  You may also contact the National Coordinating Office to request a subset of data, which can aid in compiling a unique target list and building on existing collections. 
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