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13. Post-Collection Seed Care

In general, keep the seed collections in a cool, dry place prior to sending to the seed extractory.  Do not freeze seed.  Do not allow collections to overheat, and do not leave them in a vehicle in full sun.  Exposure to sustained high temperatures can badly damage the seed collections.  Maintain ventilation around the collections at all times and try to park the collecting vehicle in the shade, or at the very least, try to shade the windshield.  Damp collections should be spread out on newspaper to dry naturally, either outside in the shade or in a well-ventilated room, as soon as possible, before shipping the material.

All teams have specific cleaning and processing arrangements; follow your institution’s cleaning agreements and take advantage of the cleaning facilities’ expertise and knowledge in cleaning seeds.

Fleshy fruits may require careful handling and partial cleaning.  Notify cleaning staff that fleshy material is coming, ship immediately and never on a Friday.

 Fleshy fruit shipping options:

  1. Pack the whole fruits in strong plastic bags with as much air as possible.  The bags should then be packed in some kind of rigid plastic container.  Shipping cold and wet ensures the fruits are not squashed and also do not get too hot and ferment too much during their journey.  This method is preferred.
  1. Remove as much flesh from the fruits as possible before transit.  This can be done under cool running water using a sieve.  The seeds should then be left to air dry for a little while before shipping.  Dry carefully on material that will not stick to the seeds (do not use newspaper).  They should then be packed as dry seeds, i.e. in cloth bags.
If you have any specific questions such as, what “a little while” means for the species that you have collected, and to notify seed extractory staff that fleshy fruits are in transit, please contact the seed extractory (see Section 14b for contact information for the Bend Seed Extractory).
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