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Search Result Types

Species list: Gives a simple list of the scientific name, common name(s), USDA PLANTS code, and assigned collector. Search by plant name, USDA PLANTS code, TNC ecoregion and/or assigned collector.

Species info: Gives a more detailed list of the family name, scientific name, common name(s), USDA PLANTS code, assigned collector, species characteristics, TNC ecoregions, and accessions. Search by plant name, USDA PLANTS code, species characteristics and/or TNC ecoregions.

(Coming Soon...) Accessions: Gives various information about the accession.

Search Box Tips

Enter one or more words from the scientific or common name (excluding authorities or cultivar indicators, eg. cv, ssp., subsp.).

Entries can be either upper case or lower case.

Either * or ] can be used as wildcard characters at the end of any search values. For example, to search for all values starting with Ace, enter

ace* or ace]

Multiple search criteria should be separated by a comma. For example, to look up only Cymopterus ibapensis, enter:

cymopterus ibapensis

To look up both Cymopterus ibapensis and Abronia umbellata, enter:

cymopterus ibapensis, abronia umbellata

If you have comments or questions about searching, please e-mail For instructions on how to request species or add species info, click here.


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Last Updated: 08-Sep-2010