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Bureau of Land Management

Technical Protocol

for the Collection, Study, and Conservation
of Seeds from Native Plant Species

Seeds of Success

(Updated 12 March 2012)

Also available as Adobe Acrobat (PDF)* | Microsoft Word (DOC) | Quick Guide to the SOS Protocol (PDF)

The Bureau of Land Management and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew originally developed this protocol in cooperation with the Center for Plant Conservation for the Seeds of Success Program. The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Western Regional Plant Introduction Station, in Pullman, Washington reviewed the protocol, and approved its use for collections into their germplasm collection.

This protocol is used by all partners in the project to make seed collections. If you have questions about the protocol, please contact Megan Haidet ( for clarification.

1. Introduction

1a. Program Hisotry
1b. Program Goals

2. Training, Resources and Annual Reporting

2a. Training
2b. Resources
2c. Annual Reporting

3. Target Species
4. Species Excluded from this Program
5. Storage and Distribution

Table 1. Seeds of Success (SOS) germplasm proportioning for long-term back-up and working collection samples

6. Permission to Collect

6a. Collecting on BLM Lands
6b. Collecting on Non-BLM Lands

7. Assessing Populations for Collection

7a. Preliminary Site Visits

8. Sampling Strategy
9. Seed Collection Techniques
10. Identification and Herbarium Specimens

10a. Verification by a Local Taxonomist
10b. Nomenclature

11. Field Documentation

11a. Seed Collection Reference Number Format

12. Photos
13. Post-Collection Seed Care
14. Packaging and Shipping

14a. Packaging of Seed
14b. Shipping Seeds for Cleaning (for BLM and federal agencies)
14c. Shipping Seeds for Storage (for non-federal partners that have cleaned seed)
14d. Shipping Herbarium Vouchers to the National Herbarium and Elsewhere
14e. Requesting Return of Seed from Bend

Appendix 1. Program Contacts: National Coordinating Office
Appendix 2. Program Contacts: Seeds of Success Collectors (updated 10 May 2012)
Appendix 3. BLM Seeds of Success Field Data Form (updated 12 Mar 2012)
Appendix 4. Seeds of Success Return Request: Clearance Form (updated 26 Jul 2011)
Appendix 5. Seeds of Success Annual Report
Appendix 6. Offices and Herbaria Selected to Receive Herbarium Duplicates from the Seeds of Success Program
Appendix 7. BLM Field Offices and Mail Stop/Collector Codes
Appendix 8. CPC National Collection of Endangered Plants
Appendix 9. References

*You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.


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