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14. Packaging and Shipping

All collections made for Seeds of Success shall follow the protocol section below for packaging and shipping.  Please note there are different instructions for BLM and non-BLM collection teams.  If you are a non-BLM team, please double-check your institution’s protocol with your manager.

When shipping seed, data sheets and herbarium specimens please remember the following:

  • Senders are responsible for all shipping costs related to seed and voucher transport.
  • Data sheets shall accompany all seed and herbarium shipments, as well as being sent to the National Coordinating Office for input into the national database. 
  • Most BLM offices shall send seed to the Bend Seed Extractory for cleaning.
  • Most non-federal partners are responsible for cleaning their own seed.
  • All Seeds of Success seed shall end up with a portion in long-term storage and another portion available for research and development for native plant materials.

14a. Packaging of Seed

In general, it is critical to the successful conservation of the seed that it is sent to the seed extractory within a few days of collection, together with the completed field data forms.

As often as possible, ship each seed collection in one bag.  Make sure that the seed bags are clearly labeled with the unique collection number.  The preferred labels are those that can be neatly tied to the neck of the bag with string.  This should allow for the bag to be opened and checked while in transit to the seed bank.  As an additional precaution, place a second label on top of the seed inside the bag. 

The labeled bags should be securely packaged for shipping.  The following packaging is recommended, either:

  • Sturdy cardboard box into which cotton seed bags have been placed
  • Woven PVC or nylon air freight sack

Do not use the following for shipping seeds:

  • Any non-breathable bags or containers
  • Any bags made from plastic or from PVC backed fabric (although you may be instructed to ship fleshy fruits in PVC bags as part of a shipment, see Section 13).

14b. Shipping Seeds for Cleaning (for BLM and federal agencies)

Materials collected for Seeds of Success by BLM employees and interns hosted by BLM offices can be sent to the following address for cleaning:

USDA USFS - Bend Seed Extractory
63095 Deschutes Market Road
Bend, OR  97701
(541) 383-5646
(541) 383-5498 Fax
Contact: Nita Rauch

Please notify the Bend Seed Extractory that seeds will be shipped and always send the seeds overnight mail or with FedEx.  Include a copy of the completed field data forms documenting the collection with all shipments of seed; material will not be cleaned without this documentation. 

14c. Shipping Seeds for Storage (for non-federal partners that have cleaned seed)

For those collection teams that have the ability to clean their own seed, you may send your seed directly to the Western Regional Plant Introduction Station (WRPIS) in Pullman, WA.  Please contact the National Coordinating Office for more information.

14d. Shipping Herbarium Vouchers to the National Herbarium and Elsewhere

Herbarium vouchers should be sent to the following locations, along with a notice of transmittal and a copy of the field data sheet.  These should be unmounted, labelled and should include the completed field collection data forms.  More comprehensive vouchering information can be found in Section 10 of the Protocol and on the SOS website.

Voucher 1. U. S. National Herbarium
Smithsonian Institution (MRC-166)
10th and Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, DC  20560
Contact: Andrew Clark
Voucher 2. Regional Herbarium (see Appendix 6)
Voucher 3. Collecting Team’s Herbarium

Send all voucher material marked with the seed collection number and a copy of the correlating field data forms.  Templates for the notice of transmittal may be found on the SOS website.

14e. Requesting Return of Seed from Bend

The first 10,000 seeds of each collection are taken off the top from each collection and sent to the Western Regional Plant Introduction Station (WRPIS) in Pullman, WA for incorporation into the working and long-term Seeds of Success National Collection.  Collectors can request the return of any extra material, above the 10,000 seeds, to be returned to them or a cooperating agency/organization.  The SOS Clearance form is the mechanism to have the seed returned.

The SOS Clearance Form (Appendix 4) should be filled out completely.  The Clearance Form, along with the associated SOS field data forms, should be emailed to the SOS National Coordinating Office who will review the request, and if approved, assign a clearance number and send it to the Bend Seed Extractory.

Following the process outlined above will ensure that Bend will return material to a requested location.  If this process is not followed, and a Clearance Form is not filed with the National Coordinating Office, your seed will remain at Bend and be distributed for long-term storage and research. 

Annually, an inventory of the balance of collections greater that 10,000 stored at Bend, that have not requested for return by the collector, will be circulated to national Native Plant Materials Development Program partners.  This annual distribution will be managed by the SOS National Coordinating Office.  In order for distribution requests to be filled, an explanation of material usage needs to accompany every distribution request.
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