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11. Field Documentation

Use a copy of the Field Data Form (Appendix 3) for each seed collection made and fill out all the data fields.  Keep one copy of the completed form for your records and send it whenever you ship seed or vouchers related to the collection.  Also, email or send one copy to the SOS National Coordinating Office as soon as possible after the collection has been made to document collection of the species. 

11a.  Seed Collection Reference Number Format

Seeds of Success collecting teams use the following format to identify their collections.  The Seed Collection Reference Number will include two parts: the SOS team code (office mail stop or organization acronym) and collection number; for example, OR020-26 for the Burns District Office’s 26th collection and CBG-25 for the Chicago Botanic Garden’s 25th collection.  Seed collection reference numbers should be unique and sequential from year to year, and should never be repeated.  If the last collection of the previous year was 34, the next year’s collection numbering should start with 35.  See Appendix 2 for collector codes and Appendix 7 for a list of all BLM Field Offices and mail stop codes.

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