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Winsor Castle by Night

Winsor Castle by Night 2011

Begin your holiday season with a starlight visit to Winsor Castle, the historic fort at Pipe Spring National Monument, on Tuesday December 3, 2013 from 5:00-8:00 pm.

Winsor Castle By Night provides a once a year opportunity for the public to visit the historic home at night, complete with Victorian era decorations and lighted with oil lamps. Visit the fort at your leisure, chat with costumed rangers and volunteers about holidays past, and sing a carol or two around the pump organ. Enjoy fiddle music and conversation with the volunteers in the rooms of the fort.

Stop by the chuckwagon for hot cider and warm up by the fire. At the Visitor Center, try your hand at making an old-fashioned holiday decoration, browse the museum or watch the Pipe Spring film "Encounter on the High Desert."

The pictures below are from previous years:

Interested in volunteering for Winsor Castle By Night? Give us a call or email us. Click here for a list of volunteer duties for the evening.

wcbn singing with pump organ
Sing to carols played on the pump organ
Warm up with cider at the chuckwagon and listen to music

Did You Know?

The SS Pipe Spring, a tanker built during World War II.

During World War II a series of tankers were built and named after, among other things, national parks and monuments. This is the SS Pipe Spring. More...