• Pipe Spring National Monument

    Pipe Spring

    National Monument Arizona

Events Schedule

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Click here to read the press release detailing Symphony of the Canyons performing at Pipe Spring September 6

Directions to Pipe Spring:

From Interstate 15, turn onto Utah State Route 9 in Hurricane, Utah. Take Utah State Route 59 east out of Hurricane. This road turns into Arizona State Route 389 at the state line. Pipe Spring is 45 miles east of Hurricane. From Utah Highway 89 and 89A, turn onto Arizona State Route 389 in Fredonia, Arizona. Pipe Spring is 15 miles west of Fredonia.

Pipe Spring Area map

Did You Know?

Petroglyphs near Pipe Spring National Monument.

Petroglyphs are pictures or symbols pecked into rock and pictographs are pictures or symbols painted on rock.