• Indianhead Point stands tall along the Pictured Rocks. Photo copyright Craig Blacklock

    Pictured Rocks

    National Lakeshore Michigan

Multimedia Presentations

Au Sable Light Station podcasts

The following podcasts were developed by Karena Minor, seasonal Park Ranger (Interpretation) at the Au Sable Light Station. They were part of her Masters Degree project at Michigan State University, and represent her deep interest in the history of the station and its keepers.

If you download the podcasts and use them as an on-site hiking tour, begin at the lower Hurricane River Campground and walk 1.5 miles on the North Country Trail to the lighthouse. The first three podcasts feature the shipwrecks beginning with the Mary Jarecki at the lighthouse road gate. The last five podcasts are on the Au Sable Light Station itself.










Did You Know?

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Several species of plants in the Buttercup Family are aquatic, growing underwater in lakes and ponds. A few are even amphibious, meaning that a single plant lives partly on sand along a shoreline and partly submerged. Such plants have runners, like a strawberry plant, and grow roots along the runners. The submerged leaves appear quite different from the ones growing in air.