• Artist George Catlin recorded the quarrying activity at the pipestone quarries in 1836


    National Monument Minnesota

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Local Partners and Information Resources

Pipestone Chamber of Commerce
The Pipestone Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitor’s Bureau can provide additional information for planning your visit to Pipestone, MN.

Pipestone County Museum
The Pipestone County Museum presents the area’s history in a range of interpretive exhibits. Historical information related to Pipestone National Monument is available at the Museum.

Pipestone Downtown Historic District
A self guided walking tour of the downtown historic district and other information is available at this website.

Split Rock Creek State Park
Just seven miles south of Pipestone, MN, is the area’s nearest state park, Split Rock Creek State Park. Swim, fish or boat the waters of Split Rock Lake.

Blue Mounds State Park
Blue Mounds State Park protects a bison herd which grazes on one of the most picturesque prairie remnants in the state of Minnesota. The Park is located 25 miles south of Pipestone, MN.

Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site
Amid the prairie grasses at Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site are islands of uncovered rock, where American Indians left carvings - petroglyphs. They tell a story that spans 5,000 years. Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site is located 83 miles east of Pipestone, MN.

Did You Know?

Tallgrass prairie landscape with Big Bluestem Grass

Pipestone National Monument is one of the few remaining areas of native tallgrass prairie. Over 400,000 square miles of tall grass prairie once covered the Midwest. Less than 1% of the original tall grass prairie remains today. More...