• Artist George Catlin recorded the quarrying activity at the pipestone quarries in 1836


    National Monument Minnesota


There are no lodging or camping facilities within Pipestone National Monument, but lodging and camping are available nearby.

Motels in Pipestone, Minnesota

  • Arrow Motel – Telephone 507-825-3331
  • Crossings Inn & Suites - Telephone 507-562-1100
  • Historic Calumet Inn – Telephone 507-825-5871
  • Super 8 Motel – Telephone 507-825-4217

There is no camping at Pipestone National Monument. Camping and RV camping are available at these nearby locations.

Pipestone RV Campground, across from the park's entrance. Telephone 507-825-2455

Split Rock Creek State Park, 6 miles south on Hwy 23 by Ihlen, MN. Telephone 507-348-7908

Blue Mound State Park, 23 miles south on Hwy 75 by Luverne, MN. Telephone 507-283-1307

Camden State Park, 35 miles northeast on Hwy 23 by Marshall, MN. Telephone 507-865-4530


Did You Know?

Tallgrass prairie landscape with Big Bluestem Grass

Pipestone National Monument is one of the few remaining areas of native tallgrass prairie. Over 400,000 square miles of tall grass prairie once covered the Midwest. Less than 1% of the original tall grass prairie remains today. More...