• Artist George Catlin recorded the quarrying activity at the pipestone quarries in 1836


    National Monument Minnesota

Getting Around

Exploring the Monument

With the exception of the entrance road to the visitor center, Pipestone National Monument must be explored on foot. The pipestone quarries are a sacred site for many American Indians. Discover unique cultural and natural resources on the 3/4 mile Circle Trail nature walk which includes active quarries, unusual quartzite rock formations and Winnewissa Falls. Consideration should be given for proper clothing and footwear depending on the season. A trail guide pamphlet is available at the visitor center. Paths are wheelchair accessible (See Accessibility).

Ranger-led hikes and other activities are available intermittently throughout the year.

Parking is at the visitor center and includes space for buses and recreational vehicles (RV's).

Bicycles are only permitted on the road from the park entrance to the Visitor Center. A bike rack is provided on the south side of the Visitor Center. Bicycles are not permitted on the park trail.


Trail Restoration Project

We are excited to announce that our Trail Restoration Project will be in progress beginning August 11th and ending approximately August 29th, 2014.This project will enhance visitor experience and make the 3/4 mile walking trail more user friendly. While under construction there will be times that parts or the entire trail may be closed to visitor use.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask visitors to be understanding and comply with any closures they may encounter.

Did You Know?

A quarrier working in his quarry pit

Pipestone is located about 12-17 feet below the ground, between layers of quartzite rock. Only hand tools are used to quarry the stone at Pipestone National Monument. More...