• Artist George Catlin recorded the quarrying activity at the pipestone quarries in 1836


    National Monument Minnesota


Area map

Area Map



Commercial service - located at Sioux Falls, SD -Joe Foss Field airport. 50 miles from Pipestone National Monument. Rental cars are available at the airport.

Non-Commercial service - located at Pipestone MN airport. Courtesy car or transit service available to Pipestone National Monument from the airport.


Pipestone National Monument is easily accessible from the following highways. When you reach the city of Pipestone, road signs will lead you to Pipestone National Monument.

  • I-90 Luverne, MN Exit north on US Highway 75 to Pipestone, MN - 25 miles
  • I-90 north on MN Highway 23 to Pipestone, MN - 27 miles.
  • Marshall, MN, southwest on MN Highway 23 to Pipestone, MN - 45 miles.
  • Slayton, MN, west on MN Highway 30 to Pipestone, MN - 29 miles.
  • Lake Benton, MN, south on US Highway 75 to Pipestone, MN - 19 miles.
  • I-29 north of Sioux Falls, SD to Exit 109 (Madison/Colman exit) go east on SD Hwy 34 which becomes MN Hwy 30 to Pipestone, MN - 55 miles
  • I-29 Brookings, SD exit, go east on Hwy 14 to Lake Benton, MN, south on US Highway 75 to Pipestone, MN.

There is often road construction during the summer. There are also several bridge replacement projects happening this year. We suggest contacting the local DOT to get the latest construction information. [Click Here for a link to DOT]

Did You Know?

The Three Maidens

The Three Maidens are actually granite glacial "erratics" moved thousands of years ago to Pipestone National Monument by the glaciers originating in Canada. More...